Tingley MPE-175
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Tingley MPE-175

UII MPE-175 5100 Single Conductor Pulling Eye, 1-1/2" ID Eye, 26000 lb Load

  • Manufacturer: Tingley
  • Brand Name: Tingley
  • SPN: UTI40-MPE-175
  • MPN: MPE-175
  • Min. Order Qty: 1
  • Qty. Interval: 1
  • Availability: loading

The pulling eye pictured at right is a compression sleeve attachment to cable ends for pulling single conductor cables of all types, copper or aluminum, solid dielectric or paper and lead cables. As a result of extensive testing, U.I.I. recommends these pulling attachments to facilitate careful handling of cables during the critical pulling phase of cable installation. These devices were designed to handle the toughest pulls with consistent reliability and to avoid the usual necessity for discarding the several feet of damaged cable under the woven portion of basket type pulling attachments. The assemblies are easily waterproofed through the use of U.I.I. Heat shrinkable sleeves with special flexible waterproof adhesive under coating. Because the pulling eyes or bolts use standard crimping tools, they are easily installed by cable manufacturers, utility splice crews or electrical contractors. Simply strip cable and insert into pulling eye/bolt, crimp and install heat shrinkable sleeve.

UII Pulling Eye, Single Conductor, Series: 5100, 1-1/2 in Eye ID, 26000 lb, 9-1/2 in L