Corporate Citizenship

CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP - Improving the Community

As the great American educator, Booker T. Washington, observed, "If you want to lift up yourself, lift up someone else." Fostering the development of the community is a responsibility shared by all -- not just individuals but corporations of all sizes. Since its inception twenty-five years ago, Shamrock Supply Company, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to the improvement of the community, both locally and nationally, through its support of and involvement in various public and private charitable initiatives. Today, Shamrock Supply Company directs its community involvement and support to non-profit organizations in three core areas: Athletics, Education, and Health/Social Services.

In order to broaden the scope of and to augment the impact of its community involvement, Shamrock Supply Company advocates its employees to make similar commitments to the improvement of the community. Employees are encouraged to attend to their individual communities, to identify the needs of those communities, and to invest their time and unique resources - their knowledge, experience, and moral sensibility - to find and work toward solutions to these needs.

Shamrock Supply Company's employees significantly reinforce our corporate philanthropy through their own generosity. The heart of the our community relations program is a corps of volunteers called the "Green Cross" that provides opportunities for Shamrock Supply Company employees to personally participate in the betterment of the communities in which they live and work. Green Cross team members give selflessly of their personal time and energies, contributing hundreds of hours each year to a wide variety of charitable causes. These employees roll up their sleeves to refurbish at-risk neighborhoods, help save lives by donating to blood drives, and go the extra mile in walk-a-thons to raise funds for breast cancer research.

EDUCATION - Developing mind and character

With the conviction that education provides the surest guarantee of a just, free and lasting society, Shamrock Supply Company is committed to the support of both secondary and collegiate education. Through our efforts, we seek to promote academic programs that develop the mind and character of unique individuals and prepare them to make reasoned choices between truth and error, between right and wrong.

Focusing our support upon local academic institutions and those schools/colleges/universities with which our employees are directly associated (e.g., alumni, parents, etc.), Shamrock Supply Company works to further in successive generations of American students a better understanding of the literary, aesthetic, economic, political, philosophic and spiritual ideals upon which American society is founded and which promote insight, imagination, and moral sensibility. With this foundation, we believe that American society, guided by the leaders of tomorrow, will continue to be marked by a citizenry dedicated to critical appraisal, technological advancement, socio-political stability, artistic expression, civility and self-responsibility - in short, to the ideals of a free people.

HEALTH - Research, education and treatment of illness

Recognizing the significance of health, both physical and psychological, to the accomplishment of all human activity and thus every pursuit of personal freedom, Shamrock Supply Company is committed to the support of public and private health and social service programs that seek to restore and/or to preserve the health of members of the local community through research, education, and treatment of illness or disorder.

We believe that the health and well-being of individual members of the community is not only the primary purpose of business enterprise, but also discloses the strength and vitality of the local community. Consequently, the personnel and processes of Shamrock Supply Company are motivated and directed by its informal motto, "Slainte!" (a traditional Irish toast, loosely translated "To your health!").

ATHLETICS - Competitiveness, teamwork and leadership

Acknowledging the rich athletic tradition of the owners and employees of Shamrock Supply Company and recognizing the integral role of teamwork and competition in the marketplace, Shamrock Supply Company is committed to the support of youth/student athletics. Through its efforts, Shamrock Supply Company seeks to promote athletic programs that develop the physique and character of unique individuals and prepare them to become future leaders within society and, in particular, within the business community.

Focusing its support upon local athletic programs and the high school/collegiate athletic programs formerly participated in by its employees, Shamrock Supply Company works to support athletic programs that foster an understanding of the principles of competitiveness, teamwork, and leadership, enabling the participant to resolutely accomplish his/her goals and through an emphasis upon self-direction, perseverance and personal responsibility, to achieve success.