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Shamrock Inventory Management System (SIMS)

Virtually every organization has a maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) need which involves fixing any sort of mechanical or electrical device should it become out of order or broken. MRO also includes performing routine actions which keep the device in working order or prevent trouble from arising (scheduled and preventive maintenance). Yet, many companies do not properly manage their MRO needs. This omission introduces unnecessary risks.

Imagine a manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art technologies consisting of thousands of moving components.

Or imagine an assembly line where processes have been so finely tuned that man and machine work as one.


Yet many such organizations do not take the time to plan for the inevitable. Without proper management unscheduled, or extended downtimes lowers corporate profits.

Organizations who invest little time in managing their consumables quickly learn there are hidden costs such as:

- Product inspection
- Receiving
- Inventory carrying costs
- Requisition and procurement needs
- Storage
- Obsolescence

Shamrock Supply understands these issues and has helped many organizations by partnering with them to share these risks.

Our experts have developed a sophisticated MRO needs analysis and inventory system whereby your needs are assessed following an evaluation of your current MRO inventory logistics. Together a new layout proposal is designed where we can show you the potential cost savings and risk reduction.

We are so confident that we can provide you with the lowest total cost and effective inventory management solution for your MRO consumable items that we offer a no-cost Survey that will outline your potential total annual savings.