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Part List Loader

Do you have a Bill of Materials or a long list of parts you need to have sourced ?

Instead of repeatedly searching part number after part number for a product inquiries, now you can use our Partlist Loader to import your list directly into our Search engine.

Oftentimes there is a need to search multiple part numbers or product descriptions, and while it is not generally an issue to simply enter a new search string and execute multiple searches, having a long list of items that needs to be researched can be a cumbersome task when searched in this manner.

The Part List Loader allows users to upload a list of part numbers or descriptions which can then be searched and saved for future searching needs.

Access to the Part List Loader is made once users have signed in (signing in allows the system to save your lists for future use). Simply upload a list of part numbers or product descriptions in .xls or .txt format and click on the search button to prompt the search of items on your list. The query will produce a listing indicating what items from the uploaded list are currently on the Shamrock Supply Catalog as well as similar items relating to those listed products. A shopping list will be generated of the items that are carried on the Shamrock Supply catalog saving you time and resources to search for the items that you need.