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Lift-It Manufacturing Co EE4-904PME 4in X 40ft

  • MPN: EE4-904PME 4in X 40ft
  • Part No: EE4-904PMEX40
  • UOM: Each
  • Lift-It Mfg EE4-904PMEX40 Edge Eye&EyeHalf Twist PolyesterSling 4x40ft

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  • A versatile sling for use in choker, vertical and basket hitches.
  • Flat Eye Slings (Type III) are easier to remove from under the load after it is in place, when compared to half twist eyes. The load should never be placed or left resting on the sling. Type III eyes are furnished unless HT (Type IV) eyes are specified.
  • The Half Twist (Type IV) Eye is recommended when slings are to be used in a choker hitch. The half twist eye performs equally as well in vertical or basket hitches. for Half Twist Eyes specify 'HT' after the Stock Number. (Example: EE1-903 HT).
  • Tapered eyes are furnished on slings over 2" wide to provide for a proper relationship between the sling and the lifting hook. Untapered eyes are available on request.

Width : 4"

Length : 40 ft

Choker Work Load Limit : 18,000

Material : Polyester

Basket Leg Angle@90° : 45,600

Basket Leg Angle@60° : 39,480

Basket Leg Angle@45° : 32,240

Vertical Work Load Limit : 22,800