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Forane R134A

  • MPN: R134A
  • Part No: DUP50-R134A

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  • Forane® 22 is a Single-Component Hcfc Refrigerant with Low Ozone Depletion Potential.
  • It Has Long Been Used in a Variety of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Applications in a Variety of Markets, Including Appliance, Construction, Food Processing, and Supermarkets.
  • Use with Stationary Air Conditioning Systems, Existing or New Equipment Designed for R-22, Including Medium Temperature Refrigeration Systems.

Properties & Performance:

  • R-22 Has Properties Making it a Useful Refrigerant in Many Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Applications.
  • R-22 is a Single Component, Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic Refrigerant with an A1 Ashrae Safety Rating.


R-22 Works with Mineral Oil, Alkylbenzene Oil, or Poe Oil. End-Users Should Check with the Equipment Manufacturers Guidelines for Specific Oil Selection Directions.


Charging with R-22 Can be Done Either as a Vapor or a Liquid. End-Users Should Check with Their Equipment Manufacturer's Guidelines for Specific Charging Instructions.

Cylinder Color : Green

Lubricant : Mineral Oil, Alkylbenzene, Polyol Ester

Type : R-22

Standards : OSHA

Container Size : 30 lb