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Laser Technology Inc 7005525

  • MPN: 7005525
  • Part No: 7005525
  • Laser Technology 7005525 Trupluse 360 Laser Range Finder Yellow

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  • Laser Technology Trupulse 360 Laser Rangefinders Give You the Freedom to Shoot from Any Angle.
  • Now There is Construction Tool Every One Will Appreciate! Introducing Laser Technology Trupulse 360 Laser Range Finder.
  • With the Revolutionary Truvector Compass Technology, How You Gather Data is no Longer Restricted by Your Equipment.
  • The Tru-Pulse 360 by Laser Tech Features an Integrated Compass, Inclinometer, and Distance Laser That Delivers Mapping-Grade Accuracy ¿ regardless of Your Orientation.

Color : Yellow