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GelTech Solutions created Soil2O™ to dramatically reduce the amount of water necessary to keep plants hydrated and decrease water resource exploitation for watering supplies. Soil2O™ is a cross-linked copolymer that can be used in various industries. Soil2O™ reduces water used for irrigation by up to 50%. Farmers can reduce the cost of irrigation. Superintendents can improve turf growth at golf courses.

Soil2O Home Lawn Care

Retains up to 400 times its weight in water, reducing your need for frequent watering and providing your lawn moisture it needs to stay greener. It also promotes growth during hot and dry conditions, so your lawn can be green long after your neighbors' lawns turn brown.


Dust Control

Soil2O™ Dust Control is a cheaper, eco-friendly, and non-corrosive alternative. Soil2O™ Dust Control is a sodium polyacrylate material that is used extensively in the agriculture industry. Suppression and erosion control products all types of particulate matter from entering the air and water.


Agricultural and Horticulture

Increases crop yields and water holding capacity. Prevents leaching of nutrients and reduces labor and maintenance costs. Compatible with fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and nematicides. Helps aerate compacted Soil allows sandy soils to retain water and nutrients.


Golf Courses and Sports Turf

Keeps rough, fairways, tee boxes, greens and turf greener with less water, especially in highly stressed or poorly irrigated areas such as berms or slopes. Provides hydration for stressed, dry and poorly irrigated areas; bunkers faces, landscape beds, roadside and deep too treatments for trees. Soil2O™ gets down under the thatch layer and helps to supply plants and turf with necessary nutrients.